Casino Computer Systems

Technology is one of the most important aspects of modern life. As it plays such a big role in pretty much everything that we do, it’s not a surprise to see casinos embracing what computer systems can do. We’ve taken a look at the different computer systems you can expect to see in the different casinos around the world. Whether this is an online casino or a real world casino, these power your gaming.

Database Systems

A lot of people might feel a bit let down by this. A database isn’t the most exciting thing in the world. But it powers quite a few aspects when it comes to casinos. Whether this is the list of customers, the list of games, or even the list of promotions that are available, databases make sure that this data is available, and that it’s all connected. So, if you have claimed a bonus, and wish to claim it again, the database will know, and prevent you from doing so. It’s even used at sites such as to make sure that casinos aren’t reviewed more than once. Whenever you use any kind of casino, you need to know that there is a database in the background keeping everything running smoothly.

You should always remember that data is what keeps the online world going round. Databases might not be that exciting, but they are definitely important.  Without them, there would be no way to do any of the fun stuff.

Game Engines

This is probably the most obvious computer system that’s used at casinos. Without game engines, there would be no electronic games to play. This wouldn’t be too much of an issue at a real world casino where people could still enjoy table games, but at an online casino this would be a disaster.

They are mainly used for video slots and video poker, but they can also be used for digital versions of classic table games. There are even some game engines that are linked to social media in order to create a more social gaming experience. Of course, these aren’t usually in place in real world casinos, but some online casinos do offer this service.

Biometric Scanners

This is one that’s not used at online casinos at all. It would require people to have the technology in their own home in order to use it. However, some real world casinos do use scanners to collect biometric data. Part of the reason for this, is to work out what different people like to do when they’re at a casino. This makes it easier to cater an experience for individual people, and provide a more enjoyable time.

It’s also to try and track people who are cheating at the different games. The eye in the sky is used at a lot of real world casinos to check on what people are doing. In modern times, it has facial recognition software which makes it easier to see if people who are banned, are trying to enter. It can also spot people who are trying to run card counting operations, so that they can be closed down quickly.

Safety Software

This is mainly used at online casinos. Because playing online does still have a few small risks attached to it, it means that the sites have to carry out a number of different tasks to ensure the safety of their customers. The safety software is applied in a few different ways.

Firstly, there are SSL certificates for all reputable online casinos now. These are the first line of defence against any online attacks. They work by encrypting the data that both enters, and leaves the site. This stops any hackers who do manage to get hold of any information from being able to use it. Any online casino that doesn’t have an SSL certificate is instantly putting itself at risk.

Secondly, there are different safety protocols used for making and receiving payments. These will often use outside firewalls and secure connections to ensure that players are protected when they enter their payment details into the site. This is backed up by the site itself not storing any payment information. If that information isn’t stored, then it can’t be stolen by anyone. This helps to protect players.

This is possibly the most important aspect of an online casino and its computer systems. Without high quality security in place, it stops the site from being trustworthy. Players won’t be able to enjoy what it has to offer, because their personal information will always be at risk. By putting this first, it makes an online casino a much more appealing proposition to players.