What are the biggest gaming releases to look forward to in 2022?

Each and every year sees gamers be rewarded with some of the very best games to have been released, as technology continues to play a role in making sure each title is better than the previous one.

Indeed, it does not matter whether it is a video game that is played on a traditional games console or if it is a casino game, each version continues to get better and better.

We may have already entered 2022, however there are still a number of exceptional game titles to look forward to over the course of the next 11 months. Let’s take a look at just a few of those that will already have a number of players waiting in anticipation for their launch date:

Live casino games

We mentioned briefly above that casino games continue to be improved each time they are released and made available to the market, so we thought we would start with those to begin with before heading into some of the more traditional video games.

EGT Interactive appears to be one company that is already planning to bring out a number of table games throughout the year. Those that are looking for the exclusive live casino games at Casumo may find that the developer makes them available here, with it understood that a number of different roulette variants should be created.

Additionally, it would not be a surprise to see Evolution Gaming also launch a number of its own innovative titles throughout the year.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring might just be the biggest game of 2022 once it is launched, with it expected to be made available by the end of February. The game will be released by FromSoftware and many already have high expectations of this game due to the fact that they were behind the successful Dark Souls.

Another reason why so many are anticipating this game is due to the fact that it will be the first open-world game from the developer, whilst also having been created with the help of George R. R. Martin.

Gran Turismo 7

A classic racing game to have featured on PlayStation over the years, 2022 is the year when the PS5 will get its own Gran Turismo installment, with Gran Turismo 7 scheduled to be released in March.

The game has been made available to play on PS4, as well, but what many players will be able to look forward to is the fact that the game will provide them with a visual experience that is a whole lot better than they have ever witnessed before in this racing franchise, whilst also enjoying an element of realism too.

Saints Row

Scheduled for release in August 2022, Saints Row will enter its fifth game in the series and will have the same open-world that players are used to, although it is expected to be a little more serious than Saints Row IV.


If Elden Ring does not end up being the game of the year for many, it will likely be because of Starfield. Created by Bethesda – who managed to provide us with Fallout and The Elder Scrolls – Starfield is not expected to be released until November, but the wait for it could be one that is seriously worth its while.

God of War: Ragnarok

Still yet to have a date confirmed, God of War: Ragnarok is a video game that PlayStation players will be waiting for in deep anticipation, as the previous game in the series – God of War – was arguably one of the best ever games to have been launched on PlayStation 4. Expect this Norse-themed game to be one that is amongst the contenders for game of the year, whenever it is released.