The most popular IoT development services

The Internet of Things has long been part of our lives. This technology provides huge opportunities for business development, scaling the management system, as well as for increasing profitability. To understand exactly how the technology works and what benefits it provides, below are described the main aspects and features of IoT development services technology.

Application of IoT technologies for urban lighting control

The well-known international company Novalume, which has long been engaged in the development of LED devices for city street lighting, turned to the Euristiq team for technology modernization.

The developers were faced with the task of developing a complex of sensors and executive devices in the form of applications for smartphones, which would allow them to effectively control outdoor lighting from a distance.

The result of innovative developments is a patented application that allows you to determine the level of illumination of the streets and turn on or off lighting fixtures exactly at the right time.

In addition, to control through mobile applications, the dispatcher can also control the operation of a large number of LED lamps at once from a single remote computer. Many functions are activated using a simple interface, at the click of a mouse button.

The result of the introduction of IoT technologies, according to expert estimates, was a significant reduction in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, as well as a double saving of electricity.

Application of IoT for effective management of office space

Almost every large company that has a multi-story office faces the problem of constantly occupied conference rooms and meeting rooms. Well-known Canadian IT company Tektelic approached to solve this problem.

The newly developed mobile application made it possible to scan each room, as well as the seats in the hall. The data is transmitted via wireless LAN to the computer of the person in charge.

As a result of the implementation of such technology based on the Internet of Things, the customer can easily collect statistics on the occupancy and efficient use of these premises in real-time.

This allows you to create a system for booking meetings and conference rooms throughout the building in such a way that each room will be filled with employees evenly, and people do not have to wait until space is vacant.

In addition to the listed opportunities, employees also get access to the monitor of the renovated conference room, according to the inventory. The development of the software together with the implementation and commissioning of the building management system took less than half a year.

Smart Internet of Things technologies for skydiving

Skydiving is a potentially dangerous sport that requires special, serviceable equipment. However, in this case, the athlete is not immune from his failure.

To avoid this problem, the Euristiq team has developed convenient altimeter settings. With special firmware on the device, the skydiver receives accurate altitude information and a signal about the parachute opening time.

Highly sensitive sensors collect information about weather conditions, temperature, wind direction and strength, and then display them on the athlete’s monitor screen in a processed form.

The altimeter is equipped with a wireless communication gateway, and the superintendent receives duplicate information on the control panel.

A user-friendly interface and a wide range of IoT technologies allow the skydiver to set all boundary conditions, up to the model of the aircraft from which the jump is planned.

How IoT technologies work in the bike-sharing business

A well-known Danish company that rents electric cars throughout Europe has upgraded its automatic modules in order to expand its business.

As a result of a powerful assault. our team designed a precise building for the customer, and, upon completion of the work, presented him with unique technology.

The electric bike is equipped with a personal mini-computer with a display, which pairs with the company’s client’s mobile application via wireless communication.

Each user has a personal account, to which his bank card details are linked.

The cost of the trip depends on the distance, and the application has the ability to plot the desired route.

In this way, the passenger always knows how long it will take him to travel around the city, where the nearest pick-up point for the rented goods is located.

The management of the company, in turn, is able to determine the location of the bike via GPS communication with a precision of up to 1 measure, and also accept payment from the customer online.

IoT technologies in retail

Large retailers are always interested in expanding their business, and also in the thorough control of each outlet. A large international company with 15,000 stores around the world turned to the Euristiq team to create a universal application to improve the service for customers.

One of the main wishes of the customer was the possibility of unlimited scaling of the business, as a result, the development was carried out on the basis of a cloud service for storing information.

Sensors have been integrated into product shelves, pleated shelving, and checkout counters to serve customers.

In the halls of each outlet, there are cameras that, together with other reading equipment, scan data on the work of personnel, the time they are involved in servicing the client, as well as the degree of the workload of cash desks.

All information is sent wirelessly to its processing center via a wireless gateway.

After the implementation and the first months of work, the retailer was able to optimize the number and efficiency of the workforce, which significantly affected its income-expenditure balance.

IoT technologies in the organization of urban traffic

The Euristiq team serves the interests of not only private investors, but also government agencies. In some cities around the world, there is a smart system for monitoring the road situation on city streets.

High-resolution IP cameras capture everything that happens on the roads or in traffic jams in real-time and transfer the information to storage.

In the event of a change in the average traffic speed, a signal is sent to the dispatcher service monitor. This allows responsible persons to identify an accident or violation in time.

If necessary, control over the traffic situation can be carried out from several remote actuators at once.

Thus, the Internet of Things contributes to the comfort and safety of people when used in almost any industry. The capitalization of these technologies around the world is already estimated at trillions of dollars, and this figure is growing every month. There are many developers on the market who offer both ready-made time-tested regens and unique latest developments.