Finding the Best Laptops with Integrated Cooling Systems

A laptop with an excellent cooling system is a perfect choice for gaming and intensive, processor-heavy tasks. However, you will need to choose between laptops that use fans or liquid cooling systems.

The market for cooling systems in this segment has also grown in recent times due to the increased purchase of powerful laptops for gaming and processor-heavy computing tasks such as graphic design and CAD (Computer-Aided Design) or CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing).

This article will guide you to select the best laptops that run cool with the best features and benefit from buying one.

According to reports, the global laptop market was valued at $101.67 billion in 2017. It is expected that the demand will continue to increase in the coming years due to the growing penetration of laptops among consumers.

Features to Check

You should check the specifications of the laptop before making any purchase.

For laptops with cooling systems, you need to look at essential parameters. They include:

1) Type of the Cooling System

There are two coolers used for laptops that run cool. One is a fan-based cooling system, while the other is liquid-based. A fan-based cooling system relies on powerful fans inside the computer.

In contrast, a liquid-cooling system uses coolant passed through tiny channels to absorb the heat generated by the processor.

2) Number of Connected Cooling Systems

Multitasking laptops have two sets of cooling systems for all components in the machine.

For example, a laptop with an i5 processor can have two cooling systems, one for the central processing unit (CPU) and the other for the graphics/discrete processing unit. The best laptops usually have this feature to keep all components cool at all times.

3) Number of Fans

It would help consider models with multiple fans to ensure good heat dispersion. Fans help keep the components in order, ensuring that your laptop runs cool when playing even demanding games.

4) Voltage of Cooling Fans

This parameter is crucial because it will determine how well the fan can blow air across all components when multitasking or running processor-intensive applications like CAD and CAM. It would help to look for models with powerful fans with higher voltage to keep the system running cool.

5) Specialized Heat Sinks

Some laptops have specialized heat sinks for specific components. For example, a laptop with an i7 processor can have four or more heat sinks to keep all components working at optimal speeds.

The unique heat sinks are usually made of copper alloy, aluminum alloy, nickel alloy, or other materials that are excellent conductors of heat.

Often, cooling systems are independent to eliminate overheating of one component when the processor is under heavy load. For instance, you will find dedicated fans for the power supply unit (PSU), motherboard, graphics card, complex drive storage device, and other components in a laptop.

You should also check whether the laptop has an efficient fan regulating system. The best laptops usually have two dedicated fans for each component, with software to control the speeds so that your components always run at optimal temperatures

6) Loudness of the Laptop with Cooling Systems

Some cooling systems can be noisy, depending on how they are set up and their location on the laptop. Some manufacturers ensure that their cooling systems run quietly to ensure minimal disturbance or distraction while you work. It would help if you looked at this feature to multitask or watch media while the laptop is on.

7) Ease of Access for Maintenance

You will need to replace the fan every so often as it gets worn out. Some cooling systems come with detachable fans that you can fix. Others have set fans, which you should only unplug and replace when they break down. It would help if you considered those laptops that are easy to maintain or those with wear-resistant parts for durability.

8) Availability of Replacement Parts

You should also check on replacement parts, especially fans. Look at the availability of fan spares from the manufacturer’s website or an authorized supplier to ensure that you can source them as and when they are needed, without incurring any additional costs.

When a laptop has a replaceable fan, you will pay less to fix it during a breakdown.

9) Number of Heat Exchangers

If possible, choose a model with three or more heat exchangers for the best cooling effect. A laptop with multiple heat exchangers will dissipate heat from all components without any problems. In particular, look for those models with heat exchangers or grills on the back and sides of the laptop for better airflow.

10) Number of Ports

You should also consider models with ports to attach cooling pads, which can have a large fan. These fans usually have high-speed settings that keep your laptop cool even when demanding applications like CAD, CAM, and other processor-intensive applications.

11) Number of Radiators

Some laptops come with three or more radiators for maximum cooling. If your laptop has multiple radiators, you can attach fans to each one to improve airflow and ensure uniform heat dispersion across all components.

The best cooling systems have at least four different heatsinks with fans so that your laptop remains cool even when you are working on processor-intensive applications.

12) Fan Speeds

Choose laptops with two or more fan speeds for the best cooling effect when possible. Some models have preset speeds, while others allow you to control them based on the preferred rate.

An efficient model will have a temperature sensor to speed up the fan as needed. Users should also check on the control software for ease of use and changing settings.

13) Dimensions

Other dimensions you should look at include the weight of the cooling system and how it affects your laptop’s mobility. Without worrying too much, you can carry a lightweight model with a cooling pad in your bag.

14) Price

Look at a model’s price before you buy it, as this will depend on the number of features and its hardware configuration. You can find cheap models that work well or highly-priced ones with more advanced parts that last longer. As such, think carefully about your budget and requirements to buy the best product.


In this article, you have looked at some of the significant factors you should consider when looking for a laptop with an integrated cooling system. These parts are usually found in high-performance models to ensure that your laptop lasts longer without overheating problems.