Call of Duty Modern Warfare Hacks: Are the Cheaters Winning?

The subject of cheating is a constant topic of conversation with gamers. You can get a whole bunch of different views and levels of tolerance about the practice almost every time there is a group discussion about the latest trends and hacks.

It is not hard to work out why competitive gamers would be interested in learning about some useful Modern Warfare hacks when you consider that it could them an edge and even add an extra dimension of enjoyment to the game experience.

Let’s take a look at some of the typical hacks being used throughout the Modern Warfare game, plus a view on whether you could say that the cheaters have gained an upper hand and what that means for the game experience, overall.

Gaining an upper hand

As you would expect, there are lots of different hacks that can be used while playing Call of Duty.

It could be that a player uses an aimbot or a variety of ingenious hacks that allow them to defeat enemies more efficiently. How do you spot if someone is cheating and could you use the various hacks and shortcuts available to level the playing field?

What is not in doubt is the fact that cheating has to be considered an integral aspect of playing a game like Call of Duty Modern Warfare. It seems that the level of cheating as well as the degree of sophistication related to the various cheats seems to be graded according to the level of ability and ranking that each player has in the game.

Rank seems to be an influential factor as to the level of cheating being used in the game. When you consider that every single mode of Call of Duty involves matching players with a similar level of skills it often turns out that if a player is lowly-ranked they are less likely to encounter rivals using cheats than someone who is much higher up the pecking order.

In other words, the frequency and level of sophistication of the cheats vary according to the level of competency and ranking each gamer has.

What sort of hacks are commonly used?

It is hard to define what a Modern Warfare cheat will use or do to gain an upper hand as there are more than a few options available.

Typical hacks used will often involve the use of an aimbot or wallhacks.

Aimbots provide a player with enhanced ability to ensure that their aim is incredibly efficient and accurate. This means that when they have an opponent in their sights the reticle remains locked on and their telescopic aim is not going to waver.

Some of the aimbots used by cheaters really do provide some features that offer a real advantage in battle. They deliver what could be considered to be near-perfect aiming capabilities and even make calculations in relation to bullet drop and distance.

Using aimbots in conjunction with Warzone’s simulated bullet feature that lets the missile travel through walls allows a cheater to eliminate an entire squad without actually eyeballing them.

Wallhacks, otherwise known as ESP, provides amazing x-ray vision capabilities that give the player using this hack a distinct advantage because it allows them to see every player’s location, even through walls.

It goes without saying that wallhacks are particularly good at giving the cheater a big advantage in the game, especially in a Battle Royale scenario. This is because smart positioning is a critical aspect of the game, so wallhacks will give a player a crucial edge over their opponent.

One of the most commonly used versions of wallhacks that you will see being used also provides some additional intel that increases that edge. In addition to providing vital positioning information, the hack is also capable of providing the user with details such as how far away their opponent is from them, the weapon they are currently using, and even their username details.

If that’s not enough of an edge, wallhacks can also turn a player’s wireframe color from yellow to red, telling them the exact moment when they are in line of sight, so that they can start firing at just the right time.

Another useful feature of the hack is when it displays the exact location of every piece of loot within their vicinity.

It is clear that enterprising players who are prepared to bend the rules in order to gain a competitive edge and boost their rankings definitely have the tools to achieve this aim at their disposal.

How vulnerable is Modern Warfare to hacks?

Having learned about some of the hacks that can be used to gain a competitive edge you would assume that the developer would be regularly updating their software and trying to implement a certain amount of anti-cheat measures.

The reality of the situation when it comes to Call of Duty Modern Warfare is that although there are lots of people still playing Modern Warfare on a regular basis the developer has turned its attention to Call of Duty Vanguard, which is the newer version of the game.

What that means is that Modern Warfare has reached the same stage as versions of the game that preceded it. Modern Warfare is deemed by the developer to have reached the end of its life cycle and that means no more major updates are scheduled for release.

It is still making weekly changes with playlist updates and refreshers but despite what can be considered to be a thriving database of current players who are actively enjoying all that Modern Warfare has to offer, the vulnerabilities exposed by cheaters are not likely to be addressed in any meaningful way by the developers.

Player numbers are still strong and even though the developer’s focus seems to have switched to Vanguard, talk amongst the gaming community is that a new version of Modern Warfare might be seen in 2022.

That would seem to be a rumor that has some foundation to it when you consider that a couple of new maps have recently been added. This is the first time for some while that any new content has been added and players of Modern Warfare can now enhance their game experience with the addition of Al-Raab Airbase and Drainage maps being added.

Does this mean the cheaters are winning?

The lack of updates for Modern Warfare does leave it more exposed to cheaters, you would have thought.

The major question is can you actually stop a Modern Warfare hacker?

The bottom line is that even when a cheater has some pretty serious tools at their disposal to give them an edge in the game, at the end of the day, they still have mortal properties and don’t possess unlimited ammo. They also have certain vulnerabilities that can be exploited, just like any other player.

Some savvy players have developed strategies that help to level the playing field by keeping track of players using cheats in the game and maintaining a distance of a few walls between them and the player in question.

It is also possible to diminish the effectiveness of an aimbot by engaging in a closer fight, giving the chance to outplay the cheater by delivering more accurate shots from close range.

A perspective on cheating

If you are a player who uses hacks as part of their gaming strategy, you are clearly not alone, as there are lots of sites that offer you access to game hacks. Cheating is very much part of the landscape and Call of Duty is no different in that respect.

One way of viewing this activity would be to say that there are huge variances in the levels of competency of players engaging in Call of Duty Modern Warfare and taking on someone who is of a standard that is pretty close to professional is going to wipe out a lesser player in an instant.

A lesser player clearly has next to no chance of coming out on top in a gunfight against someone with a far greater set of skills and competency at their disposal. One way of looking at cheating is to say that by using the hacks available a lesser player will get the opportunity to get more out of the game while bringing the odds of their survival up a few notches in the heat of battle.

Is there really any shame when it comes to calling on a little bit of extra help to try and level the playing field so that everyone has a fighting chance in the game?

Having invested money and time in getting to know how to play Modern Warfare to the best of your level of ability it can be frustrating to discover that your skills are not at a level that lets you compete.

Using hacks to redress that balance is something that many players openly turn to in their hour of need. There is no evidence to suggest that it is game over in favor of the cheaters.

In fact, you could argue that it is raising the skill levels of everyone in the game because it adds a new dimension to think about and forces players to develop new strategies that combat these actions.