Casio to Enter the Burgeoning Smartwatch Space

If there is one brand that remains synonymous with the watch industry, it is Casio. This Japanese firm has been making watches for generations, and it has always remained at the cutting edge of timepiece technology. Despite this, its reputation for innovation has faded somewhat recently, as its models have been overshadowed by the launch of the Apple Watch and similarly designed fitness bands.


This is set to change, however, with the brand finally poised to make an entry into the increasingly competitive smartwatch marketplace. The Casio: A Journey Through Time graphic illustrates their innovation spanning over a 40 year history so it’s no surprise of what their next step will be. While the brand will join numerous other leading technology brands within the sector, it will maintain a unique proposition that may ultimately afford it a critical edge over the competition.

How will the Casio Smartwatch change the Market?
So what exactly is this unique proposition? According to the company’s president, the new generation of Casio watches will be the first product of its kind to be designed primarily as a timepiece. Embedded into this will be a number of smart and intuitive features, which enable multipurpose usage across the board. This is diametrically opposed to the existing smartwatch, which is a more diverse smart device that just so happens to also function as a watch.

This is part of a long-standing ambition for the brand, with initial designs having been approved and manufacturing underway. Initial reports suggest that the watch could make its market debut next March, in order to compete directly with Apple and Sony who currently lead this burgeoning marketplace. Information is being released on a regular basis from the brand, with company president and chief operating officer Kazuhiro Kashio showcasing a willingness to be candid when discussing future plans.

What should the Market expect from the Casio Smartwatch?

If the initial sound bites and reports are to be believed, we can glean a number of key points from Casio’s upcoming design. To begin with, Casio is clearly aiming high with its design, with Kashio claiming that the new device represents an attempt to ‘bring our smartwatch to a level of perfection’. Designed to be durable, easy to use and incredibly intuitive, it has been initially aimed at the Japanese and American markets for effective penetration.

In addition to this, we can also expect that this device will take its place at the higher end of the market. The original price point is expected to sit at around $400 in America, although it may have a discounted value of $349 during promotions. On a final note the operating system for the Casio watch has not yet been confirmed, with neither Android or Apple having claimed to be in discussions with the brand.

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