The Best New Features of Windows 10 Mobile


With the highly anticipated new Windows 10 operating system well and truly making waves smartphone and tablet owners are still waiting eagerly for the mobile-based version to make an appearance. Windows 10 Mobile, the latest update for Windows Phone 8.1, is set offer better synchronisation with other Windows-based devices and PC’s and Microsoft are also promising a whole host of new and exciting features.

Microsoft will be introducing a whole batch of universal apps that Windows 10 Mobile users will be able to take advantage of. MS Office for example will be automatically included on smart devices running the OS which means fans of favourite Office programs like Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint won’t be disappointed. Additionally, all Office-based documents will be synced across your devices via OneDrive.

The Windows 10 Mobile release will herald good news for gaming fans. Whether it’s angry birds, Temple Run or online mobile casino offerings that are your favourite pastime, improvements to graphics, sound and speed have all been promised. Already the Xbox One is running a special compatible app that allows Windows 10 users the ability to stream their favourite Xbox games right to their devices so you’ll soon be able to enjoy all your favourite titles on the go.


The abilities of voice activated digital assistant Cortana have been bumped up in the latest upgrade in an attempt to compete with Apple’s Siri even though things didn’t go quite according to plan recently during a well- publicised demo event. Also a cool new feature dubbed Continuum that allows the OS to adapt itself automatically to other devices will ensure that Windows 10 Mobile will suitably acclimatise whether you use your smartphone or a tablet with a connected keyboard for example.

Similarities between the new desktop version and its mobile-based counterpart are obvious from the get go. Windows 10 Mobile users will still get to use the live tiles feature and all the necessary start screen personalisations are present. Newly installed apps will appear across the top allowing you to quickly find your most recently downloaded apps and most settings mirror the current Windows 10 setup.

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