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Security Tips for iOS Devices

There are never many instances of panic regarding Apple. We never hear of viruses or problems from their devices but this doesn’t mean the security of your device should be ignored. Whether you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you need to ensure it is secure both internally for web use and from general theft. As millions of people use these devices there are bound to be instances of hacking and viruses in time and you need to ensure you’re protected if this does happen. If you’re interesting in ensuring your Apple iOS device is protected then follow these simple tips.


What To Expect From The Next iPhone

If Apple follows their typical release schedule, the new iPhone will be available sometime this summer, and the rumors are already flying about what that's going to contain. With rival phones from Android stepping up their game, will Apple feel the pressure to do something completely new and spectacular? Maybe it'll be like the 4S, which made small improvements to the iPhone 4 but didn't break out of the mold too much. Nobody really knows, as Apple hasn't provided us with any official information yet, but there are some of the speculated changes.


Top Features of the Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the hottest gadgets today. This article will discuss the top features of this phone to help you determine what features you like in order to make a choice of the best device in the market. The Samsung S4 is definitely one of the biggest smartphone releases this year. It is very popular and there is no doubt about it since it is packed with tons of wonderful features putting it on the list of the best smartphones up to date. This phone is worth having since it is the product of great innovation only from the giant phone manufacturer Samsung.


Best 5 Security Apps For Your Android Smartphone

The data stored in our phones are invaluable, and losing them by any chance would be nothing short of a nightmare to us. For this reason, there are several security apps available today in the market and it is crucial that you select the best one among them for your phone. Today, many of us have an android phone and thus keeping all the data stored on it safely is our key concern. Although they are loaded with a number of amazing features, android phones are extremely vulnerable and thus protecting it from any malware attack is quite important. There are some well-known security apps in the market today, which are capable of relieving you from the trauma of losing any important info from your Android phone.


How To Protect Your WiFi Hotspot From Unwanted Intruders

Portable hotspots have become extremely popular among people who constantly find themselves on the road. The increase in WiFi hotspot usage means an increase in malicious users who's primary goal is to gain access to these types of networks and the information that's being transmitted on them. If you've recently purchased a mobile WiFi hotspot device, follow these simple tips to help keep the hackers, jackers and slackers out of your personal business.

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Top 5 iPhone 5 Alternatives For 2013

The dominance of the iPhone is waning. Apple's stock prices are gradually dropping and more consumers are switching out their iPhones for more sophisticated and modern choices. As the prestige of owning an iPhone wears off, people are looking for new companies and innovations to help them decide on what smartphone to buy. Following is a list of the top 5 alternatives to the iPhone 5, ranging from phones with more power to phones designed from the ground up for the business person.


Rise Of The Phablet – Is A Bigger Smartphone Better?

First off, can we all agree that Phablet is a terrible name? A Smartphone with a big screen does make a tablet. Second, let's examine what exactly a "Phablet" is. The difference between a large phone and a small tablet is that a small tablet will run (at least in theory) tablet optimized applications, whereas the large phone is stuck with phone apps. The question is how big is too big for a phone?


Best Travel Apps For The iPhone

In the modern era, travelling has become a lot simpler and the world has become a smaller place. With smartphones being owned by most these days, it is wise to know the best travel apps for the devices, here are a few that are available on the most popular device, the iPhone.


The iPhone 5: What You Should Know

Earlier today all eyes were on Apple as they unveiled their <a href="" target="_blank">latest iPhone</a>, dubbed the iPhone 5. The event left many people wondering is this enough to keep Apple and the iPhone as the “must have” smartphone of today. The iPhone 5 was pretty much everything we expected, almost all of the major rumors were confirmed today. Are you a current iPhone 3GS, 4, or 4S owner? This article will go over the new iPhone 5 and let you know if it is worth upgrading or even purchasing the iPhone 5 as your first iOS device.


A Guide to Being Productive on Android

There has been a lot of <a href="">Android news</a> lately, especially with the release of the Nexus 7 from Google.  With their low cost Android tablets are very popular, but are they just a novelty item or something that you can use to get real work done?  After having my ASUS Transformer tablet for quite some time I believe you can be quite productive on an Android device.  So I have put together a quick guide that highlights some great apps and products that you can use to be productive using your Android device.

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