CES 2009: Intel's Imaging Software

[ad#content_main]This year at CES Intel was not announcing anything new, no new processors or technologies. They had many systems on display showing off their current processors and if course there were a ton of netbook’s on display. We met with Intel and they took us upstairs and we talked about the new Core i7 platform and why they decided to go fully with DDR3. Triple channel memory technology made a big deal in their decision. Intel was nice enough to give us a Core i7 920 processor to review so expect that in the coming weeks.

One thing that Intel did show to us was their new imaging program that is currently in beta. One of the biggest problems people have is organizing their photos. Intel wants to solve that problem with this new program that makes a database of your photos so you can find them in an easy to use calendar. Not only will this system organize your photos, but it will also organize your videos as well. You will be able to edit your photos, makes changes, and more all in real time. The video has facial recognition as well. From what Intel tells us this software will be bundled with Intel motherboards, no word on if it will be available for sale as a standalone product.

CES 2009: Intel's Imaging Software CES 2009: Intel's Imaging Software

This video provides further explanation and insight of how the software actually works.

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