CES 2009: Thermaltake

Thermaltake is one of the most widely known names when it comes to PC cases, it seems like everyone I talk to has heard of Thermaltake. This year they did not have that many announcements as in previous years, but they did have some interesting products. Let’s take a look at their new cases, power supplies and cooling products.


Thermaltake announced the Element case at CES. This is a very conservative case by Thermaltake standards, but it is made to be a high performance case for gamers. The inside of the case is all black and the side panels have anti-vibration & noise reduction material on them. You also have a lot of cooling with 4 exhaust fans: 140mm rear, 230mm top, 2x 60mm VGA. There is sure a lot of hard drive space as well with room for 7 3.5-inch hard drive and even room for 2 2.5-inch hard drives. With SSD’s getting cheaper more people are using them, it’s good to see a case that will support a 2.5-inch hard drive without the use of an adapter. The Element S is available now for around $129.99.

CES 2009: Thermaltake CES 2009: Thermaltake

Thermaltake also did a refresh of their HTPC case series with the DH103 and DH104. These cases are the ultimate solution for your HTPC. The DH103 has a new generation Media LAB LCD that will display media and system information. The DH104 has a 7-inch touch screen LCD that you can use as a secondary display or media player. Both have 10 functional hot keys on the front and a large volume knob. Both have very sleek aluminum finish that will look awesome in your home theatre. Both are available now, the DH103 for $399 and the DH104 for $599.

CES 2009: Thermaltake CES 2009: Thermaltake

The Intel Atom platform is taking the industry by storm! The low price and small form factor make it a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable system. Thermaltake has created the RSI Mini H series for the Intel Atom platform. This small case is great for media applications or even a desktop system. If you want to put your own system in the case Thermaltake also has a Mini ATX version of the case.

CES 2009: Thermaltake CES 2009: Thermaltake

Power Supplies

Thermaltake is expanding their Toughpower line with the Toughpower XT. The Toughpower XT features 3 LED indicators on the out-facing side for Standby, PG Signal, and Temperature. The Toughpower XT series also features a fan delay cool button on the back that will keep the fan on for an extra 15-30 seconds. You will be able to pick up a Toughpower XT power supply in March. Models will range from 650W all the way up to 1200W.

CES 2009: Thermaltake CES 2009: Thermaltake

One power supply that really caught my attention was the EVO Blue. This is a new power supply for Thermaltake that should be very popular. The outside design is very cool with honeycombed openings on the top and side. Also on the bottom there is a 140mm LED fan. The fan has 3 different color modes (Blue, Red, Green), that are user selectable. You can also make it so the LED’s alternate. This power supply is modular and there are also LED’s by the modular connectors. This power supply will also be available in March in 550W, 650W and 750W versions.

CES 2009: Thermaltake CES 2009: Thermaltake CES 2009: Thermaltake


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