Ok so one of the coolest things that I saw at the iBUYPOWER suite was the Xbox 360 / PC system. This system combines an Xbox 360 unit with a PC so you are able to play both. This would be great for LAN parties, so you only have to bring a single box rather than your Xbox 360 and PC. Right now iBUYPOWER has this housed in NZXT’s Panzerbox case, but this is just a proof on concept design so we will probably see a much cleaner system in the future.


Another thing that iBUYPOWER was showcasing was MSI’s Big Bang motherboard that features Lucid Hydra which enables you to run both ATI and NVIDIA cards in one system. This allows consumers to combine GPUs in a way that meets the target performance, power and price demands. A system using Lucid significantly improves the efficiency of graphics processing offering high flexibility and boost in performance. This technology is very new, but iBUYPOWER will be offering it very shortly on their systems.


So now the things we were not allowed to photograph. First let’s talked about the Lan Warrior 2. It is a fully-featured micro ATX gaming system. The system is going to be housed in a brand new NZXT case that is currently not available yet. This gaming case looks a lot like currently line of NZXT cases, but is much smaller and has a handle on the top. Don’t worry about fitting large video cards in this system either as this system can fit them! The demo system had a 5970 installed without any problems.

The most amazing thing that was at the iBUYPOWER suite has called “Project Daytona”. This water-cooling monster is something iBUYPOWER has been working on for a while. They have designed the case themselves. Just to give you an idea how much cooling power this system has it features a triple radiator on top and a quad radiator on the side panel. Instead of having a honeycomb design on the top and side of the case where the radiators are they have implemented a shutter-type design with around 10 clear shutters that open up, it is very cool. This case is just huge too! It is about the size of the Corsair 800D case. Another thing that’s great about this case is that maintenance on the liquid cooling system is very easy. On the bottom of the case there is a drainage system below the pump and at the top of the case there is a place to simply pour in more cooling fluid. The system also has a water level indicator. iBUYPOWER will not be releasing just the case; it will be a complete system when the case has been completed.

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