Checking out the latest Intel-powered Ultrabooks and Tablets

Ultrabook Security Features
I was not aware of the security features that were actually built into each Ultrabook. Intel Anti-Theft Technology (Intel AT) helps protect your personal information by locking down your lost or stolen Ultrabook or device—either automatically or by sending a lock command over the Internet.

Once it’s locked down, your device will not boot up and the locked screen will display your custom recovery message. Intel AT works even without Internet access and, unlike many other solutions, is hardware-based, so it’s tamper-resistant. A personalized, “Good Samaritan” recovery message on your screen facilitates device recovery. Moreover, if your stolen computer is recovered, it can be easily reactivated without harm to your data and digital content. This service is available through Intel, Norton and McAfee from $29.99 – $39.99.

Intel Identity Protection Technology (Intel IPT) adds an extra layer of built-in security by linking your Ultrabook to your online banking accounts and your favorite social and shopping web sites. This extra protection is invisible to you—and to thieves. When you access a secure web site, Intel IPT validates that it’s you and that you’re logging in from a trusted computer. Even if a thief discovers your username and password, your account can’t be accessed without your Ultrabook—the two are inextricably linked. When you access an Intel IPT-enabled web site it will ask you if you want to opt-in to protect your account with your Ultrabook. Once you do that, that is it!

These are security features that you will only find on Ultrabooks and they really secure your identity and data. Not to mention if someone steals your Ultrabook they will not have access to it even if they try to switch out the hard drive.

The Tablets

Intel only showed us one Tablet, which was the Samsung Smart PC aka the Series 5 slate. For those interested the actual model number is the 500T1C. This tablet is powered by Intel’s Atom Z2760 processor. This tablet is designed for Windows 8, not Windows 8 RT. This means you will get full capability for all of your favorite apps and programs. The devices 11.6-inch display looks great and if you need to be productive it does come with a clamshell keyboard accessory. If you plan to keep it as a clamshell it weighs in at 3.26lbs, but as a stand-alone tablet it is only 1.65lbs. With this tablet you will get around 13.5 hours of battery life. It looks like this tablet is not available for purchase right now, but it looks like it is available for pre-order many places for $749.99.

These are just some of Intel’s offerings for the upcoming holiday season, but expect to see many more in the coming months.

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