Checking out the Show Floor CES 2019

At ThinkComputers we spend easily 90% of our time at CES running around from hotel to hotel meeting with various hardware companies in their suites. The rest of our time is spent meeting with just a few companies on the actual show floor. Generally speaking we try to avoid the convention center like the plague. It’s sprawling and super crowded with convention goers which leaves you as a media person fighting for access to products. You’ll set up for a shot or video only to have a passerby step in and ruin the frame at a critical moment.

Overall the system of meeting off the floor works out beautifully for us in almost all ways. Except for one. We don’t actually get to see the rest of the conference. Obviously our area of focus is computer hardware, but we’re really just a bunch of guys that love tech and we tend to miss most of everything else. This year we decided to rectify that and left our entire Friday open to go explore the LVCC. Ryan and I spent a good portion of the day checking out everything from haptic feedback suits to gorgeous 8k panels, cutting edge camera equipment, luxury yachts, and everything in between. Check out our selection of highlights in the gallery below and let us know what your favorite CES announcement was in the comments!