Cherry Introduces the KC 4500 ERGO Keyboard

Today, Cherry has announced the CHERRY KC 4500 ERGO ergonomic keyboard. The Cherry KC 4500 provides comfort to the shoulder, hands, and arm during long hours of use.

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The Cherry KC 4500 is designed in a way to make it perfect for both work or personal use. Great importance has been given to the user’s comfort as three stand-up feet on the front side of the keyboard are provided to allow users to type while standing or sitting. The use of rubber eliminates the chances of slipping. A soft palm has been installed in an optimal position to provide comfort while typing.


It comes with an extra-long USB cable, and the Plug & Play makes it ready to use once it is out of the box. Despite its simple use, the KC 4500 looks quite elegant and modern due to its color scheme and design.


Cherry has provided a free software, CHERRY KEYS, to provide personalization and access to apps, files, individual text modules, or macros instantly.

The CHERRY KC 4500 ERGO can be purchased for a price tag of $45.00.

Via Cherry