Intel will Start Taking Preorders for 11th Gen Rocket Lake CPU Two Weeks Before Reviews

Intel has announced new embargo dates for the Rocket Lake-S series reviews. Sources suggest that the Rocket Lake-S series will be launched on March 16, and Intel has officially confirmed that the new embargo will be lifted on March 30.

Intel Core i9-10910

Companies releasing products and uplifting review bans at the same time have always been criticized but taking preorders for the products that will be independently tested after almost two weeks of launch portrays an anti-consumer approach.

Reportedly, Intel has given a reason to their board partner for a late embargo and that is the arrival of a microcode update in March.

Intel Tiger Lake H Banner 1200x322 1

This situation acts as a reminder that one should not preorder anything until and unless a decent discount is offered or the product comes with an exclusive bundle. All major manufacturers like Intel, AMD have received criticism upon their decision to lift the embargo at the same time as the product is launched. NVIDIA on the other hand will uplift the ban on reviews 3 hours before the RTX 3060 is officially released. 

Via Wccftech