China’s First Fully Domestic Graphics Cards Are Here

It has only been 18 months since Moore Threads came into the business and as soon as 2021, it was ready to announce that a fully featured graphics processor is in the works already. It sounds a little surprising to hear that such a newly formed company was going to venture into something so huge which many others haven’t been able to do. We don’t hear frequently about companies announcing their own GPUs within such a short time.

Moore Thread MUSA GPUs 1

Zhang Jianzhong, the former global vice president and general manager for NVIDIA, is the leader of the company. Understandably, he has been able to achieve this thanks to his 15 years of experience in the graphics market and support from an experienced team.

Moore Thread MUSA GPUs 4

The company’s first desktop GPUs were announced today. Both the MTT S60 and the MTS2000 have been designed using the 12 nm process technology with the MUSA (MT Unified System Architecture). The company has revealed that the S60 has 6 TFLOPs of power while the S2000 has 12 TFLOPS. The MTT S60 comes with 8GB of LPGDDR4X memory, whereas the MTS2000 features 32 GB of undisclosed memory type.

Moore Thread MUSA GPUs 3

This MUSA architecture extends support for DirectX Runtime. This had been missing from all Chinese GPUs which had been announced earlier. On top of this, MUSA also supports OpenCL, OpenGL, Vulkan, and even NVIDIA CUDA.

MUSA LoL demo e1648674306903

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