Choosing the Best Cleaning Service Software

Cleaning control and management capabilities

The list of possibilities may vary depending on the configuration of the cleaning service software.

  • As in any system of statistical accounting of a cleaning program, the most important thing for a manager is that the work is completed on time, of high quality and brings maximum profit, as well as the availability of additional opportunities. This is control of the client base (CRM system), and accounting of financial receipts, and checking of warehouse balances in the cleaning system, and the ability to control the performance of staff work, and much more.
  • The cleaning program includes an indispensable composition of the necessary control, accounting, statistics and reporting functions;
  • For example, a dry cleaning accounting system, according to the characteristics set by your personnel, will be able to find a quick search for the desired client, see his payments, spent funds, make a mass mailing to inform the client, according to the specified search parameters;
  • The program of the cleaning system keeps records of the necessary inventory and the necessary chemical agents;
  • The universal capabilities of the cleaning program will make a statistical report for the selected period, show the real picture in the organization, its pros and cons, downtime, real profits and costs;
  • The cleaning services system can be controlled remotely, control is carried out in an invisible form to employees;
  • The cleaning services program will make a mass sms or e-mail distribution for the selected promotions or services of the company;
  • Income can be tracked in the context of the services provided, popular and not very popular – the program for a cleaning company is equipped with such opportunities;

Cleaning company – building a business

The owner of any small cleaning service business needs to build a strong team. It’s also worth noting that the right person for a small business is very different from the right person for a large company. In a small company, employees can wear whatever they want, choosing something new every day, because they bring something new to the company. Employees should be comfortable if you want to stimulate active work.

Since your cleaning managers must have a slightly different mentality than those of large companies, traditional employment methods are not always the best solution. It is worth trying to connect personal connections and use the Internet in order to consider the available vacancies of a cleaning company manager.

One of the best software HubEx FSM

Flexible CRM + Support service for field employees: combines registration of requests for visits, GPS-movement control, customer database and progress reports. A single tool for customer service in companies with field personnel.


The cleaning market is closely related to the disinfectant market, which is currently growing at a high rate due to COVID-19. The global disinfectant market is projected to grow at a rate of 7.1% by 2027. The rise in human-transmitted infections, especially among health workers, is putting many people at risk and increasing the need for disinfectants.