Cloud Saves Are Coming to the Epic Games Store

Since its launch the Epic Games Store has taken some pretty harsh criticism from gamers. Besides making many games Epic Games Store exclusives, they store and platform itself lacks some of the very important features that make Steam so popular and why many people do not want to move away from Steam. At their recent sales event many users expressed the platforms shortcomings. Epic Games wants users to know they are working towards having more of the same features that the Steam platform offers. They have given public access to their roadmap (via Trello), which outlines some of the latest features as well as what their plans are for the future.

epic games trello

One of the most requested features gamers have been asking for is cloud saving capability. This would allow users to keep their progress across multiple machines and even after a re-install of Windows.

According to the public roadmap this feature will be arriving by the end of July. Other features to be added soon are Player Play Time tracking, and Humble Bundle Integration.

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