CM Storm Xornet II Gaming Mouse Review

Software & Lighting
The mouse is plug and play so it will work right off the bat when you plug it into your PC. Now if you want to do any customization you’ll have to download the Cooler Master software, which can be downloaded here. In our video of this mouse we’ve gone over the software, you can check that out here.

On the first tab, which is main control you have the ability to program all seven buttons on the mouse. Not just with mouse controls, but browser shortcuts, multimedia controls, and even keys on your keyboard. Sadly there is no macro manager or profile control.


On the OS sensitivity sub-tab you will find settings for the polling rate, and different OS sensitivity settings.


The LED tab allows you to fully customize the RGB LED that is on the scroll wheel. You have R, G, and B sliders that allow you to fine-tune the color. You can have three different color settings for the three different DPI levels on the mouse. There are also modes like Spectrum (color cycle), Rapid Fire (RGB goes white when you click), Breathing, and you have the ability to turn the LED completely off.


The Sensor tab will allow you to set the three DPI levels. You can choose DPI levels from 250 all the way up to 3500. You also have the ability to set the lift off distance.


The RGB lighting on the mouse is nice and bright. You can check it out in our video of this mouse.


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