BitFenix Pandora ATX Case Review

BitFenix is a company who we all know for their Prodigy line of small form factor cases. Since then BitFenix has launched quite a few different cases. The original BitFenix Pandora was released back in 2014 and was a huge success. It had a nice slim elegant design and curved panels. The case was a micro-ATX case so if you wanted to install a full-size system inside you were out of luck. Well two years later with the success of the original Pandora we now have the Pandora ATX which is a larger version that now supports ATX motherboards. Not only does that case support ATX motherboards but you have room inside for a 360 mm radiator either in the top or front, long graphics cards up to 440 mm in length, power supplies up to 220 mm in length and a large side panel window to show off all of your hardware. Let’s get into the Pandora and see what it is all about!

Special thanks to BitFenix for providing us with the Pandora ATX Case to review.


The BitFenix Pandora ATX comes in your typical PC case box. There is an outline of the case on the front and it lets us know that it is indeed the Pandora ATX.

BitFenix Pandora ATX Case

Moving around to the back some of the main features are detailed.

BitFenix Pandora ATX Case

On the side of the case we find out specifications. There are actually two versions of this case, the Pandora ATX and the Pandora ATX Core. The Core version is sort of a cheaper cut down version with less features.


Opening the box up the case inside is nicely protected by two large pieces of styrofoam and a plastic bag. Also the front of the case as well as the side panel window have plastic film on them to protect against scratches.


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