Colorful Announces GeForce GT 1010 With DDR4 Memory

Colorful has just introduced the GeForce GT 1010, which will be a variant of the existing DDR5 model, with a DDR4 memory. For obvious reasons, the new GT 1010 is going to be slower than its existing model, and not just that, it will have lower GPU clock speeds. One advantage here is the power required, which is only 20W as compared to 30W on the previous model.

Let us make it clear here that the GT 1010 DDR4 is not intended to be a gaming card. Colorful, however, has commented that new players will find more possibilities with the 2GB video memory. We find it a little hard to believe this though. This statement could have been true a decade ago but not in 2022.

COLORFUL GT1010 DDR4 specs

Moving on to the specs of the graphics card, it comes with a base clock speed of 1151 MHz and a boost clock of 1379 MHz. As we all already know, it has a DDR4 memory of 2 GB which is spread across a 64-bit bus. The bandwidth stands at 16.8 GB per second, leaving it at least 60 times behind the RTX 3090 Ti. Most of the specifications on the GT 1010 DDR4 remain similar to those on the GT 1030 DDR4 with similar TDP, configuration, and same clock speeds.

COLORFUL GeForce GT 1010 DDR4 2GB 2

The only difference we see is in the CUDA core count which is 256 for GT 1010 and 384 for GT 1030. It has been designed around possibly the slowest Pascal GP108 GPU which is designed in 14 nm process technology.

Via VideoCardz