Colorful Releases Dual-Fan GeForce RTX 4070 iGame Ultra Graphics Card

The iGame series has received an update with a new model. About four months ago, Colorful launched the RTX 4070, and since then, they’ve introduced an extensive range of 11 models using this SKU. Their most recent release features a dual-fan cooling system, making it the first RTX 4070 model to have only two fans.

IMG 7365

It’s worth noting that this card takes design cues from the 3-fan model, a design already present in three separate SKUs: iGame Ultra White, V2, and Ultra Z. The Ultra Z variant, which is a special edition, includes a hidden power connector to simplify cable management. On the other hand, the new model, named iGame Duo, departs from this characteristic and instead utilizes the standard 8-pin power connector, traditionally positioned at the center.

IMG 7368

The exciting part is that, despite the reduction in fan count, this model maintains identical clock speeds to the original overclocked versions, clocking in at 2505 MHz. Additionally, the power connector remains an 8-pin setup, but unlike the “Z” SKU, this card features an exposed connector.

IMG 7369

Despite being newly announced, this card is already on sale in China for 4799 RMB. Notably, this price is lower than the initial cost of the 3-fan design, which was sold at 5299 RMB, and significantly more budget-friendly compared to the Ultra Z version with its concealed connector, priced at 5999 RMB.

Via Colorful