Complete Guide For Buying Corded And USB Headsets For Computers

USB headsets are one of the most used headsets by people with computers. However, when it comes to choosing the right headphones for ourselves, very few of us know the right way. The following guide will tell you what a corded and USB headset is and how you can buy the top computer headsets for yourself.

What Are USB Headsets?

Most of the USB headsets come with headphones as well as a microphone. They can be connected to the computer using a connector called the universal serial bus, which can easily connect any external device with USB support to a PC or any device with a USB port.

USB headsets provide users with the best sound quality, and a few of them provide users with features, like voice recognition and surround sound experience. Moreover, some of the headset companies have now come up with noise cancellation mics for better calling on your computer.

What Are Corded Headsets?

Corded headsets are headphones with a full-length wire attached to them. Their headphones generally have 14 to 25 inches long wires that can be plugged into your personal computer or any other device easily.

Corded headsets are very useful for people who work in offices. Moreover, gamers can also use it, as it offers superior sound quality at an affordable price.

Factors To Consider While Buying USB or Corded Headset

While buying any headset, you must know all the pros and cons of that headset. Whether it is a USB or a corded headset, you must check the following thing in a headset before buying it.

Audio Quality

The most significant feature of any headset is its sound quality. Hence, check the audio quality of the headset before buying it.  If your headset provides you with high-quality sound with a high-grade noise cancellation feature, you must buy it. A headset with such features will not only protect your ears from harsh music but will also reduce external noises.


Before buying any headset, you should see that the chosen model of the headset is compatible with your computer or not. If the compatibility is good, you will not face any difficulties while connecting it with your computer. Moreover, do not forget to check your other devices for compatibility.


Comfort is the major factor, which you should look for in every headset you buy. You must wear them while purchasing to ensure that it fits perfectly in your ears. Most people wear headphones for a longer time. Therefore, it is essential to test the comfort level of your headset before buying it.


If you are investing a huge sum of money in a headset, do not compromise on its functionality. Look for the headset, which has various features and can endure for a long time.

While buying a brand new headset, evaluate it based on the aforementioned parameters to find the one best suited for your lifestyle. Along with all of these points, ensure that the headset is durable enough to last for at least a year.