Considering A Career Of A Game tester? Think Again!

Video Game Tester – Is that The Best Career Choice For Me?


A lot of computer game fans love video games. Digital worlds filled with quests and adventures are one of the primary reasons to why people actually invest in creation of personalized desktop setups. Imagine how awesome it would be if people actually paid good money for going after the princess to another castle!

Alas, bitter reality has her own claim to what seems as this world’s best profession. Check QA solutions; they know all about it as they are professional QA and test engineers.

Whoa, isn’t it a bit too crowded here?
The first thing you’d have to pay attention to is the fact that you are not the only person in the world how has a dream. Lots and more of people would love to get paid for playing video games. HR managers at development companies from behemoths like EA, Valve and Bethesda and up to tiny indie teams have their hands fool.

There’s only so little people who would love to learn coding for the sake of creation of fun experiences for others. And there are a lot of dudes with mustard sating on their Mario Bros. shirts who desire fun and free money.

That’s why, even if you are really talented in this niche, your resume can be overlooked. The odds are you won’t simply have a chance to give it a shot.


An endless loop
Secondly, the job is as far from fun as things get. How many games have you quit because of being stuck at one damned spot for an eternity? Now imagine that’s your actual job.

Yes, video game testers are actually testing their products. Your task is far from enjoying the plot or the action. Your job is to walk around the same level over and over to make sure no player will fall through textures near that bush.

Can you open this treasure chest? What if you don’t have the key? What if you do? What if that’s the wrong key? You will be checking out all that and more with every single chest in the game. Isn’t that a fun way to spend eight hours a day?

Hello, you are the one!
If you are reading these lines and you haven’t still lost all of your enthusiasm – perhaps you are the chosen one. Give video games testing a chance.

Yes you won’t be doing it for fun or game play or plot twists, But you will be able to ensure an entire generation of gamers is able to have fun while opening their chests and not falling down through textures. Isn’t that the best reward?

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