Cooler Master HAF Stacker 935 Case Review

Final Thoughts
To be honest when Cooler Master announced the HAF Stacker series I was not really that impressed, but after spending some time with the cases and building a system in them my mind has been changed. They make complete sense and can really help you build the ultimate system.

The fact that you are able to stack the cases gives you many different possibilities of the type of system you can put together. The HAF Stacker 935 that we received will allow you to have your main system in the 925 case and either watercooling, storage or a mini-ITX system in the 915 case. If you wanted to build upon that you could add another 915 case, you can even stack 2 or 3 915 cases together. What’s great is that Cooler Master makes it very easy to route your cables between all of the different cases and stacking them is just as easy.

Talking about things being easy installation in the HAF Stacker cases was extremely easy and straight forward. No one wants a complicated installation process. I did run into a couple of issues during installation, but for the most part it was smooth.

Cooler Master has really put a lot of thought into these cases. As expected you have support for 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch hard drives, tool-less installation, USB 3.0 and cable routing holes but there is much more. The 915 case is designed to hold dual 360 mm radiators, which is very impressive. It also can support long graphics cards if you were building a mini-ITX system in it. Say you want a storage array, the 915 can support three hard drive cages! So you could actually take the cages out of the main compartment and use them on the 915.

Now as I said I did run into some issues with the cases. On the 915 I was not able to completely install my video card. Then end on the I/O shield on the card actually hits the bottom part of the case. I tried 3 different cards with the same result. This actually meant that our video card was not fully installed. I’m not sure if this was just the sample that we received, but it seems like it would be a big issue to me. Also on the 915 if you install a hard drive on the bottom part of the case you will need to find a flat SATA power connector. The ones on Cooler Masters own V850 unit did not work here.

Another thing that I do not like is that the 935 system can only be purchased as the 925 (main compartment) plus the 915R. Users who want a 915F have to buy that separate. It would be nice if Cooler Master gave users the choice of what 915 case they wanted depending on their needs.

Right now you can find the HAF Stacker 935 case online for around $150, that is a great deal as you are basically getting two cases for that price. If you want to add another 915 case those are selling for around $60. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Cooler Master HAF Stacker 935 Case an 8 out of 10 score.

– Stackable
– Can route cables / tubing between both cases
– Lots of room in both cases
– Easy installation
– Price
– The 915 can support dual 360 mm radiators

– Users do not have a choice of what 915 case they get
– Unable to completely install a dual-slot video card in the 915
– Bottom mounted hard drives require a thin SATA power connector

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