Cooler Master Introduces CK352 Keyboard With 2-Tone Keycap Design

Cooler Master has released its mechanical gaming keyboard, CK352. The keyboard comes in a two-tone design with black and grey keycaps. The layout is a typical Japanese one(the product image, on contrary) The keyboard features a top-notch brown axis switch which has keystroke durability of 50 million cycles.

The CK352 keyboard features an RGB backlight that has the ability to switch between several emission effects and modes on every key. Moreover, the illumination function is enabled by a light bar on the side half of the keyboard. The device also comes with an “on the fly control,” enabling users to operate both the media players and backlight without any additional software.

cm ck352 2

The keycap is made of a double-injection ABS resin. The laser engraving gives the keycap a professional appearance. Constructed from aluminum and polycarbonate, the keyboard comes with a USB 2.0 interface, a 1,000 cycles per second report rate, and a 1 millisecond reaction time.

The keyboard is 454.6mm in wide, 142.6mm deep, and has a height of 35.96mm. The cable length is 1.8 and the device weighs 904g (excluding the cable). The device comes with a two year-long warranty and supports Windows XP and Windows 7 (or later) operating systems that are supported.

cm ck352 3

The CK352 keyboard comes with a price tag of 69 USD.