Cooler Master Is Using AR To Help You Pick Your Next Case

While Augmented Reality (AR) has plenty of great use-cases Cooler Master has a great one for all of us PC enthusiasts. Have you even been looking at a new component, especially a PC case and have said to yourself “how would that look on my desk?” Well Cooler Master’s new Cooler Master AR app can show you exactly how their products will look on your desk before you buy them!

The way the app works is you print out a special photo from Cooler Master and place it where you would put your case. Using the app just put the camera on the print-out and the product will appear. Products are displayed in their full size so you can see exactly what they would look like it they were there. This is great if you are thinking you might have some type of height restrictions on your setup.

The app will be free and available for both iOS and Android. Cooler Master plans to not only load cases into the app but their entire product lineup.


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