Cooler Master MasterLiquid Pro 140 Liquid CPU Cooler Review

Final Thoughts
It’s 2017 and more often than not when it comes to AiO coolers we are testing something with a good size radiator. 240mm is average and if you want to get the top performance spot you better go with a 360 rad. In light of that when we get something like the CM MasterLiquid Pro 140 you kind of lower your expectations and excitement. After all it’s been like 5 years since 120/140mm rads were the hot item. So it’s either more impressive or just more of a surprise to see just how far up the list the Pro 140 landed. There are some serious performers in that test group, this is no small feat. Aside from the top level performance the Pro 140 will save you space and will pretty much guaranteed fit in any case. I also like the sleeved tubing and pump design which is unique if not a little tall. Installation was easy enough but that could be the result of my reviewing three of the latest CM AiO parts. I still think a retention mechanism is needed for the backplate as it can easily slide out of the holes when you are trying to thread on those obnoxiously small thumb screws. The Pro 140 can be had for $89.99 right now on That’s a $30 off sale and at that price it’s a no brainer.

This cooler is awesome but there are a few little things that are less impressive than its performance. First and foremost, Cooler Master, please get some software for your AiOs and fans. Not only is everyone doing it but all your customers will thank you. It makes things so much simpler to load up the software and adjust your fan speeds in real time without having to mess with your case or some third party junkware. After the software the lighting is the next biggest let down. The pump is a cool and unique design; I feel there a lost opportunity when the only thing you get is dim blue leds. Of course as mentioned earlier a retention mechanism for the backplate is a must have addition for the next generation.

Overall would like to award the MasterLiquid Pro 140 with a 9 out 10 score!

rating9 10

– Great Performance especially for a 140mm radiator
– Small rad size saves space
– Easy enough installation
– Price

– No Software