Cooler Master MK730 Gaming Keyboard Review

Software & Lighting
When you plug the MK730 in it will work no problem at all. Cooler Master offers two different ways to customize the keyboard in terms of actual functionality and lighting. There is an on-the-fly system that allows you to change lighting settings and macros, but we’ve never been a fan of these at all. They are complicated and you essentially have to learn how to use the system. Luckily Cooler Master also offers software for this keyboard. Their Portal software is actually quite good, it will bring together all of your Cooler Master gaming accessories. So when you download and run it, it will show the MK730. From there you can install the customization software for it.

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Opening up the customization software you will first be brought to the LED tab. Here is where you can customize the RGB lighting on the keyboard. There are quite a few different effects and you can individually edit each RGB LED on each key.

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The lighting on this keyboard is actually quite good and bright. Of course you can adjust the brightness to fit your needs.

Cooler Master MK730 Gaming Keyboard Cooler Master MK730 Gaming Keyboard Cooler Master MK730 Gaming Keyboard Cooler Master MK730 Gaming Keyboard

There is also light bars on the side and front on the keyboard, so this keyboard is going to look pretty awesome sitting on your desk!

Cooler Master MK730 Gaming Keyboard

The next tab is Macro, here you can create and edit macros. Macro creation is pretty easy, just hit the + in the create macro section, name it, then record it. Finally you can assign that macro to a key on the keyboard.

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The Key Map is next. Here you will see a full map of your keys and you can see what keys are available, reassigned, or disabled. If you click on any key you are able to set it to another key or set it to a macro. It would have been nice to also be able to set an alternate function for each key as well as have the options to set Windows controls, program shortcuts, or even multimedia controls, but they are not available. So you can also change keys on this keyboard to another key or a macro.

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The last tab is Profiles. Here you will see your four profiles for the keyboard. You can import or export to these profiles as well as set them back to their default.

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