Cooler Master MM710 Gaming Mouse Review

Usage & Final Thoughts

The best part of reviewing mice is that in order to test them we get to play games! Using the MM710 I played FPS games like Apex Legends and Battlefield V mostly. Now previously to the MM710 my daily driver was the Corsair Ironclaw RGB Wireless. This was a very large mouse so right off the bat the MM710 took a little while to get used to. I would actually accidentally hit the side buttons on the mouse quite a bit at first. So in Apex Legends when shooting at someone I would hit one of those buttons and end up doing my special ability. It took a few hours to really get used to the size and weight of the mouse.

For me 1200 DPI was pretty much perfect for FPS games, but it was nice to be able to switch DPI’s on the fly. Once I was used to the mouse I really enjoyed using it. The lightweight feel and how easily it glided across my mouse pad made gaming much more enjoyable. Being a big mouse guy I honestly did not think I would like this mouse at all, but after using it, it is really had to take off my desk. If you are an FPS gamer this is definitely a mouse that I would recommend.

Cooler Master MM710 Gaming Mouse

With all of the holes in the body of the mouse it allows air to flow through it, which makes it so the palm of your hard is less prone to get sweaty. Now all of those openings do expose the internal hardware of the mouse, but Cooler Master has sprayed these components with a dust and water-resistant coating. So if you do have that accidental spill you won’t kill your mouse. Talking about the internal hardware you have the PixArt 3389 16,000 DPI optical sensor and OMROM switches. Also don’t forget about the Ultraweave cable. I absolutely love the cable, one of the main reasons I went to a wireless mouse was the fact that most cables would pull and really get annoying after a while. The Ultraweave cabling does not have any of that and I hope more companies use Ultraweave on their mice in the future.

Cooler Master backs the MM710 up with their MasterPlus software, which allows you to fully customize the mouse. It as pretty much all of the settings you would want, but missing once again is the ability to remap a key to a Windows command or open a program. This feature is also missing from their keyboard software. Also I find it quite odd that you have MasterPlus for this mouse, but Cooler Master Portal for their keyboards. So I have to run two separate applications to customize my mouse and keyboard from the same company. Hopefully they bring all of their software together into a single application.

For all of those RGB lovers out there you are going to be disappointed as there are no lights at all on this mouse. Adding such things adds weight, so that is why you don’t see any lighting on the mouse, although I do think with the cut-out design any type of lighting would look pretty awesome on this mouse.

At the end of the day the lightweight mouse craze is not just a fad, it really makes playing games more comfortable and enjoyable. Again, I didn’t think I would like this mouse at all, but using it changed my mind! You can pick the MM710 up at our favorite online retailer for $49.99, which seems just about right for this mouse. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Cooler Master MM710 Gaming Mouse a 9 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award!

rating9 10 TC award recommended

– Lightest gaming mouse out right now
– Comfortable
– Ultraweave cable design
– PixArt Sensor and OMRON switches
– Dust and water-resistant coating on PCB
– PTFE feet + extra set included
– Price

– Different software for Cooler Master keyboards and mice
– Software still does not allow you to set a button to a Windows command or open an application

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