Cooler Master MM710 Gaming Mouse Review

It seems we always go through phases when it comes to gaming mice. We’ve seen the over-sized mouse phase, the RGB LEDs everywhere phase, and now we have the lightweight gaming mouse phase. The whole idea behind having a lightweight mouse is that since it is lighter you can react quicker, have less fatigue, and ultimately game for a longer period of time. We’ve seen new lightweight mice like the Glorious Model O and Finalmouse Air58 Ninja become extremely popular so it makes sense that Cooler Master is getting their foot in the game with the MM710. The MM710 weighs in at only 53g, which makes it the lightest mouse out of the group and definitely the lightest mouse I’ve ever reviewed.

Special thanks to Cooler Master for providing us with the MM710 Gaming Mouse to review.


mm710 specs


The MM710 gaming mouse comes in a retail box that is not much larger than the mouse itself. On the front there is a photo of the mouse and it lets us know that the mouse weighs in at 53g, has a 16,000 DPI sensor, and is rated for 20 million clicks.

Cooler Master MM710 Gaming Mouse

Flipping the box over to the back there is another photo of the mouse and some of the main features are detailed.

Cooler Master MM710 Gaming Mouse

Opening the box up and getting everything out you have the MM710 gaming mouse, an extra set of mouse feet, and a user’s guide.

Cooler Master MM710 Gaming Mouse

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