Cooler Master NotePal U Stand Review

Final Thoughts
Cooler Master’s Notepal line has been around for quite a long time and with each new product they add to the line there is more and more innovation.  The Notepal U Stand is really 2 products in one.  It is a notebook cooler as well as a stand.  The cooling power of the Notepal U Stand is average, you are not going to see more than a 10 degree change in temperature, but that can still make a difference.  The 2 100mm fans themselves are very quiet and you cannot really even tell they are on when in operation.  I do like their modular design so you can place them where you want to isolate the hottest places on your laptop.

If the Notepal U Stand was simply just a stand it would be a good one as well.  The aluminum design with all of the ventilation holes helps with airflow and cooling and can take the wear and tear of daily use.  The 4 height adjustments plus the folded down one give you a total of 5 height settings.  You can easily find the one that works for you so you are level with your laptop screen.  This way you won’t strain your neck from looking down at your laptop.

Cooler Master was thoughtful enough to add a 3-port USB hub to the Notepal U Stand.  Many laptops do not have that many USB ports so added 3 more is great.  Also if you are going to be using this as a stand you are most likely going to be using a normal keyboard and mouse.

Overall ThinkComputers gives the Cooler Master Notepal U Stand a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small

– Both a stand and a cooler
– Quiet fans
– 5 height adjustments
– 3-port USB hub

– Not the most powerful cooler out there

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