Cooler Master Shows The New MasterWatt Maker 1200 Power Supply

Cooler Master had a new power supply on display at CES 2016 in the form of the MasterWatt Maker 1200. This 1200W power supply is Cooler Master’s first 80 Plus Titanium certified power supply. On top of that it has an awesome aluminum design, and a Bluetooth that allows you to monitor and control the unit from a mobile device or tablet.

The first thing that I want to point out is the overall design of the MasterWatt Maker. It actually has an aluminum design that looks great! Cooler Master has really given it an industrial look, which is a nice change from what’s out there on the market. This is a fully modular power supply and as I mentioned is the first 80 Plus Titanium certified power supply from Cooler Master.


This is also a smart power supply and it comes with a Bluetooth module. This will allow you to use Cooler Master’s app on Android, iOS and Windows to monitor voltages, efficiency, cost, fan speeds, temperatures and more. You also have the ability to show graphs, change the fan speed and more. The app really looks fine tuned and is one of the best power supply companion app’s that we’ve seen.


Cooler Master will be rolling this power supply out soon in a limited release with a few system integrator’s. Expect a full major launch at the end of Q1. Cooler Master did not release pricing.

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