In Win Updates The 805 Chassis For CES

The world first saw the In Win 805 at Computex this past summer. Like most In Win chassis’ the 805 features an all aluminum exterior accented with copious amounts of tempered glass for the panels on the sides. While the interior and structure remains the same as the Computex version, the addition of some insane new lighting features almost remake the case entirely.

Being the same 805 we’ve known you will of course find support for plenty of cooling including space for up to 280mm radiators in the front of the case and a smaller 120mm in the back. Motherboards ranging from ATX on down will all fit in the 805. But these features aren’t what we really care about with this guy. It’s really the lighting that draws the eye here. Utilizing RGB light strips and a motherboard with LED control like the ASUS Maximus VIII Hero, In Win sets you up with a stunning light show all controlled by the motherboard’s software.


Swinging your attention to the front of the case you will undoubtedly notice the brand new concept “black hole” front panel. Adding about a half inch in length to the front of the case this amazing front panel utilizes more RGB lighting under the same control as the rest of the case and a mirror to create a side lit vanishing point right in the front of the 805.




While In Win is known for their impressive innovations with case design and construction the 805 is one of the first to simply stun with lighting affects. We don’t have any information on pricing or availability as this update is a concept build meant to test the designs popularity. If you find yourself wishing you could own this case, be sure to comment about it below or on In Win’s social media pages.

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