NZXT Brings Cam Software to New Level

If you are at all familiar with NZXT by now you must have at least heard of their CAM system management software. And if you’re not it is proprietary software initially designed to provide a software interface with their hardware. We have had two versions thus far and have seen many improvements over time. At this point NZXT has decided to take CAM from a simple tool to interface with their hardware and transform it into a full system suit that can handle all of your needs and more in the form of CAM 3.0.

As an avid system builder and overclocker I am very familiar with the hassle of needing to open the many programs required to properly monitor and control an overclocked system every time you start up. CAM 3.0 takes care of the hassle by providing a one stop solution to all your system monitoring. Nearly all the relevant data you could possibly require is packaged into one space for you.


In addition to the system monitoring, CAM 3.0 provides logged in users with aggregate data from all other logged in users about matching hardware. For instance if you have a 980 Ti and are unsure of whether your temperatures are typical CAM provides you with this data for reference.

Additionally CAM 3.0 continues to provide control for all of their hardware, including complete control over a connected HUE RGB strip. One of the biggest things that is overlooked is the fact that CAM can be used as a powerful tool on all systems, even ones without any NZXT products installed.

Cam 3.0 is currently available for download at


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