Xtreme Gaming Graphics Cards Introduced by Gigabyte

For years Gigabyte has been a leader in aftermarket cooling for GPU with their Windforce line. More recently they added the G1 Gaming line and stepped up the performance just a little bit more. And now towards the end of the lifespan of Nvidia’s 9 series GPU, they are releasing a brand new series of cards called Xtreme Gaming.

Xtreme Gaming equipped GPU’s feature RGB rings behind the fan blades and logo while an upgraded cooler with 6 copper heat pipes works to keep things cool. Additionally the PCB is chemically treated to prevent the build up of dust and moisture. All of this adds up to give the Xtreme Gaming GPU a good jump in performance over the older G1 Gaming series.



Gigabyte is updating the GTX 970, 980, and 980 Ti to the Xtreme Gaming line as well as several AMD cards. Although the Nvidia cards are all nearing the end of their lifespans the idea is to get the new product out into the hands of the public as soon as possible. For this reason you can head right over to your favorite online retailer and add these cards to your cart for only a small premium over the G1 Gaming series.

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