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Razer Basilisk Mouse
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Razer Takes Aim at FPS Market with Customizable Basilisk Mouse

Razer, the leading global lifestyle brand for gamers, today announced the Razer Basilisk, a customizable mouse with state-of-the-art features for first-person shooter (FPS) games. Razer's rich history of purpose-built mice is getting its next major entry with the Razer Basilisk for FPS gaming.

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Quake Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

Wow can you believe its been 20 years! Yes if you remember playing the original Quake then start to feel old because it was released 20 years ago! While Quake came after DOOM it was still very revolutionary. For starters it was completely 3D and even had semi-realistic lighting, in a time where most shooters had to make do with "2.5D" engines. Quake was also one of the first games of its kind to be built for internet multiplayer in mind, not just local networks. And who can forget the awesome soundtrack of the game from Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor.

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John Romero’s New FPS Is Blackroom

Last week Doom co-founder John Romero teased an announcement for a new game and now it has been announced. Romero will be teaming up with id Software co-founder, Adrian Carmack on a new FPS which will be called Blackroom. The game is expected to offer many different environments and some pretty intense FPS action.

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DOOM Co-Creator Teases New FPS Announcement in Star Wars-Like Video

DOOM co-creator John Romero is apparently going to announce a new PC shooter soon. Romero posted a video on his YouTube channel titled "The Return". The video is a recreation of the last scene of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and has Id Software co-founder Adrian Carmack walking up to John Romero holding a keyboard and mouse towards him. The video ends with an announcement date of April 25th and a link to Romero's new studio Night Work Games. Check out the video below.


Gaming Friday: Borderlands

We here at ThinkComputers are very avid gamers. So each Friday we will be covering a game that should help you get through the weekend. The games will range from new games to classics that we still love to play. They also are not limited to just PC games either. If you have a game you think we should cover check out the <a href="">Gaming Friday thread</a> in the forums. Today we are checking out a very intriguing PC game that I was introduced to at <a href="">the GXL back in May</a>. Unless a FPS game is multiplayer shoot em up game I really don’t get in to it that much. And I really never got in to RPG games on PC at all, unless you included World of Warcraft, but let’s not talk about that. Borderlands combines both the FPS and RPG aspect in to one and does it very well. Gearbox, the makers of the game took a risk doing this, but it has paid off very well. Read on to see why I keep going back to this game night after night.

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