Quake Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

Wow can you believe its been 20 years! Yes if you remember playing the original Quake then start to feel old because it was released 20 years ago! While Quake came after DOOM it was still very revolutionary. For starters it was completely 3D and even had semi-realistic lighting, in a time where most shooters had to make do with “2.5D” engines. Quake was also one of the first games of its kind to be built for internet multiplayer in mind, not just local networks. And who can forget the awesome soundtrack of the game from Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor.

Quake definitely was a big deal back then and really pushed online gaming. QuakeWorld was developed (a version of the game optomized for slow internet connections), the Threewave CTF add-on made online action so much fun, and the popular mod Team Fortress was born (a game which is still played today!).

When Quake was released it really drove graphics card sales as well. Companies like 3dfx, NVIDIA, and ATi should be very thankful to Quake for creating such a great game that gamers wanted to go out and buy a new graphics card just to play it.

The first person shooter landscape would be quite different without Quake…

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