Cooler Master Storm Spawn 3500 DPI Gaming Mouse Review

Over the past year or two Cooler Master has been redefining gaming gear with the CM Storm line of products. One of their latest products is a smaller gaming mouse called the Spawn. The Spawn is wider and shorter than your typical gaming mouse and also has a low profile design.  This third mouse on the CM Storm line is sure to fit the gamer who doesn’t like bulky mice. Read on further to read more about the Spawn’s unique ergonomic design.

Special thanks to Cooler Master for providing us with the CM Storm Spawn 3500 DPI Gaming Mouse for review.


  • Anti-Drift Control Sensor – The Spawn gaming mouse utilizes a high performance optical engine and ensures extreme stability. Built with an anti-draft architecture, it provides lossless performance under mouse lift and drop, with a built in angle snapping option one can formulate the perfect flick shot and maximize their kill rates with sheer accuracy.
  • Onboard Sentinel-X 32 KB– The Sentinel-X microprocessor safeguards your mouse setting by storing button assignments, advanced macros and other mouse customization – allowing gamers to plug and play on any other system without losing their initial settings.
  • Omron Micro Switches (5 Million clicks) – Ultra tactile mouse clicks for in-game fragging is afforded through the utilization of Omron’s patented micro switch technology. Backed by a minimum guarantee of 5 million clicks, the Spawn gaming mouse offers an extended gaming life-span for the avid gamer.
  • Japanese-Made Ultra-Step Wheel Encoder –Ultra precise stepping encoder allows gamers to navigate small distances with the scroll wheel while establishing great control and precision.
  • DPI On the Fly– Comfortably placed under the scroll wheel, gamers can switch DPI settings easily to 800, 1800, and 3500.
  • Superior Anti-Slip Rubberized Grip Design– Sweat proof and highly slip resistant, Spawn includes two thick rubber grips that have been deployed on both sides of the mouse. This affords full control to lift-off style gamers during game play.


Model Number SGM-2000-MLON1
Available Color Black + Red
Material Rubber Grip / ABS Plastic
Dimensions (W) 75.5 X (H) 110 X (D) 35 mm (W) 3 X (H) 4.3 X (D) 1.3 inch
Net Weight 142 g / 0.313 lb
Sensor 3500 DPI Storm Tactical Optical Sensor
Maximum Tracking Speed 60 IPS
Maximum Acceleration 20g
Polling Time 1.0ms
Speed Measurement 6400 fps
Onboard Memory 32Kb
Form Factor Right Hand Ergonomic
Button Assignment 7
Weight System No

The Cooler Master Storm Spawn comes packaged in a standard retail package. The black background surrounds the box and fits well with the additional colors of red and white, the colors of the CM Storm series. The front of the package has a side-view of the mouse with some added affects around it to make it stand out. Other important information such as the product name and key features are also found here. The back of the box covers all of the specifications of the Spawn.

Cooler Master Storm Spawn 3500 DPI Gaming Mouse Cooler Master Storm Spawn 3500 DPI Gaming Mouse

The front of the box has a flip open lid which is secured shut by two Velcro pieces. Inside the flap you’ll find more detailed features of the mouse. You can also see and feel the mouse since there’s a clear window and formed plastic around the mouse. Inside of the box you’ll find the Spawn mouse, Quick Start Guideline and Installation CD.

Cooler Master Storm Spawn 3500 DPI Gaming Mouse Cooler Master Storm Spawn 3500 DPI Gaming Mouse

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