Coronavirus Causing Record Low Motherboard and GPU Shipments

In a recent report by DigiTimes it appears the Coronavirus is taking its toll in the tech industry. Citing sources sources close to motherboard makers shipments of motherboards and graphics cards are on their way to hitting record-low levels by the end of H1 2020. When the Coronavirus outbreak initially happened it affected production of both motherboards and graphics cards as factories shut down, which had a ripple effect on the whole industry. There is also reduced demand in China (reported to be down 50% YoY and unlikely to pick up until July) as well as other countries.

We were expected to see a seasonal increase in demand entering Q3 2020, which may never happen at this point. DigiTimes also mentioned that AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA will be very unlikely to hit their sales goals for this period. With the reduced demand we could see prices come down on certain components.

It is also speculated that the drop in demand is the reason that NVIDIA has delayed their GTC announcements.

Via DigiTimes

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