Watch Dogs is Free on the Epic Games Store

With the current situation in the world gaming is a great escape from it all. While many people have not been fans of the Epic Games Store they still give away free games every two weeks. This weeks games are rather good, so even if you aren’t an Epic fan they will help you get through the current quarantine situation. The first game that is available for free is Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs. I’m sure most of your have heard of Watch Dogs, it is a very well-known action-adventure RGB that launched back in 2014.

watch dogs

Based in a fictionalized version of Chicago you play as Aiden Pierce, a hacker with a personal revenge motivation, you hack your way through security systems in a somewhat dystopian society.

If that is not your cup of tea Epic is also giving away The Stanley parable, which is a quirky first-person exploration game based on a mod to the Half Life 2 engine.

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