Corsair and Cherry to Bring First Cherry MX RGB Mechnical Keyboards in 2014

It seems like mechanical keyboard are all the rage these days. We have reviewed quite a few and I do have to say mechanical keyboards are great for gaming because they offer great precision and feedback. Most mechanical keyboard use Cherry MX switches, if you didn’t know Cherry is a German company that actually makes the switches. We all know that Illuminated keyboards are great as well, but if you get a mechanical keyboard you really only have one color option. Well that is about to change.


Cherry has teamed up with Corsair to bring the first Cherry MX RGB keyboards to gamers in 2014! We all know that Corsair has been pretty dominate with their line of mechanical keyboard so we are expecting these new keyboards to be pretty awesome.

These keyboards will be the first that are engineered for RGB multicolor illumination. That means you will be able to change the colors of each individual key to any color in the RBG spectrum. These switches are designed with gold crosspoint contacts for the best accuracy as well.

With the latest version of the MX switch series, the MX RGB switch, CHERRY has solved several problems at once, as Karl-Heinz Müller, Product Developer at CHERRY, explains: “The illumination of keyboard symbols – especially in terms of their uniformity of illumination – is a technically highly complex and demanding task. The previous solution with the incorporation of 3 mm LEDs led to unsatisfactory results. With our newly developed MX RGB switch, key symbols can be evenly illuminated not only in the widest variety of brightness levels but also in up to 16.7 million different colors. Our new concept of light conductance was implemented through the use of new materials and several patent-pending technical solutions. This innovative, technical concept was implemented only in conjunction with manufacturing processes and sophisticated tool concepts constantly optimized over many years.

Corsair and Cherry will debut Cherry MX RGB at CES 2014 and we will of course be there to cover it. Don’t expect to see products based on Cherry MX RGB to be available to the public until late Q1 of 2014.

Source: Cherry | News Archive

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