Corsair Announces Force LS Series SSD Powered by Phison Controller

Corsair has announced a new solid state drive to their Force series of drives. The drive is called the Force LS and while the Force 3, Force GT and Force GS are powered by the LSI SandForce SF-2200 controller, the Force LS Series uses a Phison controller.

Corsair Force LS

This drive will be available in 60, 120, and 240 GB capacities. It will available in both laptop and desktop upgrade kits and has a thickness of only 7mm. The Phison controller is rated at 6 GB/s and is not much slower than the LSI SandForce controller. The drive makes use of 19nm Toshiba NAND flash and has rated speeds of 555 MB/s read and 535 MB/s write.

The Force LS series will support TRIM, garbage collection and SMART functions. Prices are as follows:

60 GB – $69.99
120 GB – $109.99
240 GB – $199.99

Source: Corsair | News Archive

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