CORSAIR Announces New TC200 Gaming Chairs

CORSAIR is a name that we have always associated with top of the class PC gaming peripherals and other enthusiast components. The company has just launched its new pair of gaming chairs; the CORSAIR TC200 Fabric Gaming Chair and the CORSAIR TC200 Leatherette Gaming Chair. CORSAIR already has its own lineup of gaming furniture, and this comes as the latest bold addition.


The chairs feature a racing-inspired design with a side seat surface and an extended height range. This makes the chairs ideal for sitting comfortably while also sitting taller than regular chairs, allowing gamers to be more relaxed during gaming sessions. The CORSAIR TC200 offers the best pair of chairs there is, giving options of either black or white colors.

If you are looking for comfort and support over extended periods of time, then the TC200 Fabric and TC200 Leatherette chairs are your perfect choice. Let us shed some light on the major differences between these two. The Fabric variant is going to be clothed in a comfy exterior made from cloth. It gives the chair a softer and breathable surface.


The Leatherette variant, as the name suggests, has an all-leather exterior and gives the chair a classy and clean finish with a little touch of luxury. Both of the chairs have perforated sections which ensure that less heat is retained, ensuring that you stay cool and comfortable even during long and intense gaming sessions. Thanks to the memory foam neck pillow and a built-in foam lumbar, you will be able to maintain a healthy posture and keep your body free from any strain.

Both variants are built around powerful steel-construction with a class 4 gas lift which can lower or increase the chair within an extensive range of 120 mm. On top of this, there are adjustable 4D armrests which move up and down or left and right as per your posture. The full 90-180° reclining seat lets you rest or changes angel completely whenever required.