Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-04 Tempered Glass Case Review

A Look Inside

With the left side panel removed, we are greeted with more room to work with than we were expecting, at least regarding width and height. This case supports up to ATX-sized motherboards, and all of the associated standoffs have already been installed, a nice little feature that makes builds that much easier. The center standoff features a peg instead of a screw hole, which makes placing your motherboard into the case in the correct position very easy.

SPEC 04 TG Internal

Starting up top, the first thing we noticed was the lack of cutouts for running our CPU power connection, and any other cables that may attach to the top of our motherboard. And while there are plenty of cutouts running up and down the right side of the motherboard area, this means we will have a bit more cable clutter than we like to see. Since this case does not support any 5.25″ devices, the upper right corner of the case is quite bare. The back side of this panel does provide a nice spot to mount two 2.5″ drives, and cutouts for their power and data cables are a nice addition.

SPEC 04 TG Internal Top

The bottom section of the case’s interior is home to both the PSU and a cage for up to three 3.5″ drives. The PSU area does not include a shroud, and we do not expect to find one in a case with an MSRP of just $69. Thankfully there is a removable filter for the PSU, and a decently-sized cutout for cabling, especially if you are using a modular unit. The 3.5″ drive cage is removable, and will really clean up the look of the case if you are not using any 3.5″ drives in your build. Plus, with the cage out of the way, if you choose to populate the bottom fan mount, there will be less in the way of that fresh intake air.

SPEC 04 TG Internal Bottom

Removing the other side panel revealed a decently sized cutout for CPU cooler backplates, but not quite large enough to support our AM3/AM4 cooler. As mentioned earlier, there is room for two 2.5″ drives in the upper right area, a mounting option we chose to use in our build, just to keep things clean on the other side.

SPEC 04 TG Right Side Off

Our only complaint on this portion of the case was the true lack of room for much cabling. Thankfully, the side panel has a bumped out extension to help with this issue. Corsair has also included quite a few tie down mounting positions in this case, which make any cable management you decide to do that much easier to keep in place.

SPEC 04 TG Cables 2 SPEC 04 TG Cables 1