Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro Gaming Mouse Review

Software & Lighting

Like all other Corsair products they back the Dark Core RGB Pro with software. Now you can connect the dongle to your PC and the mouse will work no problem, but if you want to do any customization you’ll need to download the iCUE software. For button customization you can remap each button to a macro, text, media control, launch an application and more.

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After Actions you have Lighting Effects. Here you can customize the lighting on the mouse. There are actually eight different lighting zones that you can control and you have quite a few different effects to choose from. Overall I think the lighting on the mouse looks quite good.

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Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro Gaming Mouse Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro Gaming Mouse

Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro Gaming Mouse Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro Gaming Mouse

Next up is DPI, here you can select three different DPI levels that you can cycle through as well as a “Sniper” DPI. DPI can be adjusted in 1 DPI increments.

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The next tab is Performance. Here you can toggle angle snapping and enhanced pointer position on and off.

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Finally there is Surface Calibration, where you can calibrate the mouse to your gaming surface. I would definitely recommend doing this, you do need to have the mouse connected via USB to do this calibration though.

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Finally we go over to the main setting menu in iCUE where we find a lot of settings that could be in the performance tab. It lets us know the battery level, the polling rate, brightness of the RGB LEDs, time to put the mouse in sleep mode, power saving mode, and you can re-pair the mouse and update the firmware.

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