Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3-1866 16GB Memory Kit Review

Final Thoughts
As I said in the introduction of this review I always recommend Corsair memory, especially for high-end builds.  Not only do you get great performance from Corsair memory, but the quality is there too.  It’s like comparing a Ferrari to a Ford.  Yeah the Ford will get your from point A to point B, but the Ferrari will get you there in style and the craftsmanship and quality is much better.  Most memory these days has the same performance if running at the same speed with the same timings so then it comes down to looks and quality and Corsair really put the best product forward with this kit.

Talking about looks this kit just looks awesome, whether it is sitting on your desk or inside your system.  The Platinum bar at the top really sets this kit apart from anything else that is out there.  This kit is definitely the best looking memory kit that I have seen all year.  When you turn your system on the white LED’s will light up and give your memory a nice glow that is not overpowering, but still bring attention to the memory.

With stock timings of 9-10-9-27 at 1.5v you are going to see great performance from the kit.  Of course I wanted to see how far I could push the kit and overclocking was pretty easy.  I was able to push the memory all the way up to 2333MHz with timings of 12-12-12-30 at 1.65V.  A 467MHz overclock, not that bad at all.  I know with the right set of hardware I could easily get more out of the memory as well.

Corsair keeps these modules cool with their DHX heatspreader.  You can tell this is a heavy duty heatspreader when you pick the modules up as they have some good weight to them.  Again this just shows the quality that Corsair has put into the modules.  Each module can be connected to Corsair’s Link system via a small connector on the end of the module.  This way you can track the temperature of each module.

When it comes to price you are going to pay a premium.  The 16GB CMD16GX3M4A1866C9 kit that we reviewed today is selling at my favorite online retailer for $164.99.  These kits are some of the most expensive out there, but again you are paying for quality.  These kits are targeted for the high-end system builder so if you think they are overpriced they are probably not for you.  Corsair also back these kits with a limited lifetime warranty.

Overall I am extremely impressed with this memory kit.  Each time I look over in my test system and see the modules I say to myself, “damn those look sexy!”.  ThinkComputers gives the Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3-1866 16GB Memory Kit a 10 out of 10 score and our Editor’s Choice Award!

– Best looking modules I have seen all year
– LED lighting
– Great overclocking potentional
– Quality
– Lifetime warranty
– XMP profile

– None that I found

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