Corsair Vengeance K90 Illuminated Gaming Keyboard Review

If I could pick one brand that made the biggest splash at Think Computers this year it would hands down be the Vengeance line of products from Corsair. I started reviewing Corsair non-component products a couple years ago with their speaker line. The transition to their input devices was smooth for me because I was already reviewing so many other input devices from other manufacturers. Every Corsair product I’ve reviewed personally has left a lasting impression on me; So much so that the Corsair Vengeance K90 Illuminated Gaming Keyboard is a product that I’ve been trying to get my hands on all year. On paper the K90 looks quite promising. I always make notion to other things that could be added or subtracted to various products and the K90 looks like it could be the porridge that Goldie Locks picks.

If you remember back a few months ago I reviewed both the M60 Gaming Mouse and K60 Gaming Keyboard. The M60 made such a good impression with me that even after reviewing several other very good mice I keep going back to it. I’m hoping the K90 Illuminated Gaming Keyboard has the same lasting effect.

Bob took the liberty of doing an unboxing video a couple weeks back so click the video below to check it out. Click it, you know you want too…

The Vengeance K90 comes packaged in the military grade packaging I’ve come to expect from Corsair. The front has a window that showcases the major difference the K90 has compared to its little brother the K60. If you haven’t noticed, similar to the M90 Gaming Mouse, with the amount of macro-able keys in view you can tell corsair is really trying to market to MMO gamers.

Corsair K90 Illuminated Gaming Keyboard Corsair K90 Illuminated Gaming Keyboard

On the back you can read about all the bells and whistles the K90 sports:

• Cherry MX Red mechanical key switches
• 18 dedicated, customizable G-Keys
• Full key matrix anti-ghosting
• 20-key rollover (20KRO) on USB
• Professional grade brushed aluminum chassis with laser etched, backlit keys
• Vengeance Gaming Keyboard Software
• On-board memory lets you take it with you
• Easy access multimedia controls
• USB pass-through
• Soft-touch wrist rest

Removed from the tank of a box you have several pieces and parts in front of you. First we have your standard quickstart guide. This is where you’ll find all the instructions needed to fully understand the K90. Next, is a warranty guide. The 2 year warranty on the K90 is pretty good for any electronic device, especially one that you smash with your hands on a daily basis. Next is the wrist rest. On first glance the wrist rest doesn’t look like much. Last, is the keyboard itself. As I was pulling the K90 out of the box I realized immediately why I used the K60 for so many weeks even after I got new keyboards in to review.

Corsair K90 Illuminated Gaming Keyboard