Sumo Solace Lounge Chair Review

Being someone who works on their computer a lot it can get quite annoying and uncomfortable to sit at a desk all day.  If you work from home there may be some alternatives like your couch or bed, but if you are working from an office you are very limited.  Today we are checking out a really cool and comfortable lounge chair from Sumo that is perfect for taking a load off and extremely comfortable so you can sit in it for hours and still be productive.  I’ve been a fan of Sumo products for quite some time so let’s see if the Sumo Solace is the perfect addition to your office.

Special thanks to Sumo for providing us with the Solace Lounge Chair to review.

– The Solace measures 53″ x 26″ x 31″
– Offered in 4 color choices
– Remote control pocket
– Filled with 100% polyester Fiber
– Free Shipping!

The Sumo Solace comes packaged in a large box, but the lounge chair is compressed inside so the box is actually much smaller than the chair itself.  Opening the box up the Solace is nicely protected inside as it is inside of a large plastic bag.  When you take the chair out of the box it will slowly decompress.

Sumo Solace Lounge Chair Sumo Solace Lounge Chair Sumo Solace Lounge Chair

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