Corsair H100i GTX Liquid CPU Cooler Review

Final Thoughts
As Corsairs newest iteration of the 240mm AIO cooler, the H100i GTX has a lot to live up to. Not only that of it’s predecessors, but also the many other very well built AIOs we have on the market now. Having reviewed many of them myself I find that this unit comes in swinging. To begin, the new design that Corsair has implemented across their entire line of AIO coolers looks great. I love the combination of the thick sleeved tubing and the silver accents. Additionally the new pump design with the tubing ending hidden in the pump top looks really good. Installation of the H100i GTX was for the most part really easy, especially considering the size of the radiator and tubing. It’s good to see them sticking with a tried and true bracket system. On the performance side, while the H100i GTX doesn’t get the top two steps on the podium it does get third place behind none other than the Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate and the Corsair H110i GT. With a price of $109.99 USD from my favorite online retailer, I feel the unit is correctly priced for the level of quality performance it delivers.

If I had to say anything bad about this cooler it would be in regard to the functionality of the new pump design. While I am pleased with the way the pump looks, I found that the lack of swivel fittings on the side of the pump combined with the large tubing makes it difficult to hold in place while trying to secure with the thumbscrews. This inflexibility also makes it difficult to get the tubing to look just the way you want it.

Overall ThinkComputers would like to award the H100i GTX with a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small

– Looks great
– Sleek new pump design
– Fit and finish are top tier
– Performance is great
– Priced well

– New pump design is difficult to handle during installation